I did a work out this morning for beach body on demand!

1My workouts are getting better now! I can do the entire yoga move! But I have more things to do in life! Like blog and write and also I can work out when ever I want. The best thing about my job is I can work on my on time. I don’t have to worry about anything else. I can just keep on keeping on. I am also working on a deal with A cable box for online that will addd more business in. Its funny because I made it funny. You have to dictate and test out every single person that you don’t know. Thats why I always keep in the family first! When me and Calvin were just starting we only had one platform to take car of now we have two and now we have a store. Soon there is more to come. We know now what we did wrong and what we are doing wrong! Times like this we need to change ourselves first. We were pushing our projects to the wrong people. We already have a plan and we already have the people to help us so why bother. We must move on!  The jobs are here when you want it come and get it if not We will find someone else. We have learned from our mistakes in the past! Trust me we will never do that again!



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