Beach body coach


My training as a beach body coach. This is where I am currently at in my life. There is so much going on that we have to make sure we concentrate and pick and choose exactly what works for our company. Calvin and I plan everything I am the chaos of the house and he is the organized one. I know its hard for people when they are just starting. Ive been there. Our plan for the magazine is 3-6 months and we are only in our second month. Now we are changing the game because of our commitments. Our commitment in being healthy and taking care or ourselves is the most important part.


as a coach you must be able to do the workouts. We have a set schedule in the house that we follow. I get up early so I can get the day started for us. Then we check our social media and emails. This is the most annoying part of your day so make sure you do it first. wp-image-201119592jpg.jpg

One that is done I do a work out and make sure the rest of the day is scheduled. When I’m done doing my to do list. I quickly enjoy something to eat and get to my day. We go to locations after locations to shoots videos. We have created the story so beautiful its time for it to be appreciated. Its time for cart3l to do its job. Come join us and amazing team all you have to do is ask. I asked about what my Coach Corrine is doing? I asked if I can be a writer for ix daily. Now we are doing what we love. This is the key to life. is finding the purpose for your creations. The magazine is built for my friends and family. The company is built for me and Calvin and our plan. We make decision on it together. That is the strength of our company is the love that we have for each other.


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