1 was the easiest platform for me to create I already the Know the voice of cart3l.  This is about celebration of choices! We took the leap of faith and decided to quit our regular 9-5 job.  we have so much more to do and now we will be showing.  who is part of our team and who isn’t ! Its been a long time coming but we know which ones are part of our small team or not! We took the two days off to really think who will be there for us! its such a hard time when you are just starting a job! our company is just growing and growing everyday! now Toronto is giving us another shot! another shot! before we head to our plans!  our plans are all over online! its our playground this is what we do we play around! we are best when we enjoy ourselves and the last two days we did! its time to hit the game a little bit more harder! our stats wasn’t so high the last 2 days because we were doing it all wrong we were trying to leave the fight that we know we can fight together! We know what we are and we are honest to everyone! our company is fresh!


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