What a day! Thank god its done!

I will be honest on this post! It was a crazy day today here at cart3l! Our plans of leaving soon is on the verge! We are under renovations here at cart3. We have reached over 5300 views online. Everyone was talking about there lazy Sunday. We don’t do that here! we work hard to get to where we are in life! We make it look easy but its not! This post is about my lazy Sunday! Start your day with a todo list! I started my own todo list when I met this leader! We will call him Mr J!  My name is Richard John T Talay. Me and my partner Calvin Dante Rose started an online company called cart3l. we are a production company me and him. We can prduce article, videos and any kind of content! We have two platforms! Its cart3lfromlove.com which is our online magazine. We are in our 2nd month of our plans! We still have long ways. We also have own own online store called vintage cart3l. I work online as a beach body coach. He works as an uber driver and goest to school. The internet is my playground. I guess you can call me a comic! but I would rather be called a sensation! This is our life this is our gig!  We work hard everyday! We are here to werk and to be taken serious on! We don’t want anything but your time! Let us know what you would love to do? did you want to be a contributor? did you want to join me? in becoming a beach body coach? email me richardjohntalay@gmail.com or calvin.rose72@gmail.com Thank you lets get to werk 



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