Its 7:51 pm

we ended our work day really early here at cart3l its Sunday the time of rest! But I am sick and tired of peoples bullshit online! I am a beach body coach! I just did a work out! I don’t care what people think or care about what other people are doing with there life! I will be warning you now! I am in noooooo mood of anyones bullshit! I am sick and tired! so if you don’t like what I am doing block me on Facebook and out! I deleted the people I deleted because I need to get things out of my mind! There is a method in all of my madness. For now Let us pray together that you will be healed! yes you! not me! I am good on my own me and calvin are even stronger than ever this post is for you! You negative freezing bitch! I don’t need you in my life! block me now! Or I will delete you out myself never ever test a queen! I am a queen! queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen! bye!


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