It all stared as a joke

I all started as a joke! and now its happening we are prepared in what we need to do! cart3l is already done! is the hardest one for me to finish. I feel like is hardest puzzle yet! All eyes and ears on me! I just want everyone to know My name is Richard John T Talay I created a person called Richard John Chox T Talay Rose cart3l! I am a blogger online. I work as a coach online for beach body! Now that everyone is finally playing the game with me! Its time for you guys to play the game with us! Cart3ls are all about enjoying life! Its about freedom and equality! Cart3l is about doing the right thing for yourself. I have several people behind me in the industry from stylist, writers, coaches Thank you to everyone! Its just the 2nd month of our plans! Things are changing here at cart3l we are under renovation! We must leave to get to the islands ASAP! Come join us and you can be a part of a great story!


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