Good morning!

Check your self! I just woke up! I am ready for you! I woke with rage and anger! People Have judge me the entire time I did this. Judgment! Yessssssssssssss we all judge some people do arts and crafts we judge. Its the ugly truth! I see everyday! I am not afraid of people judging me or what ever I do in my life. I am afraid of what it will do to my love ones! Fame isn’t my target! Fame you can get from just being around your friends! My target is I am building a community around me and my partner! This is a hard job we know that. Its a hard industry we know that! This is why I created personas! So for my love one who truly know who I am as a person all I was doing is trying to help! I was trying to help a friend out! I was trying to help a leader out! I was trying to help a child out! I was trying to help! But we must not help the people that doesn’t want to be help! We must first show our talents! I have talented friends. I already know all of them. I would like you to understand its not personal its business! This is what it takes! Trust me I know the ins and outs of this industry and I will help you! Email me I need contributors! I need more people! It takesssss a village people


I am a writer, a coach, a publicist and a super model of the world! I will Slayonce you!


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