Sweet child of mine

I grow everyday into the person that I want to become. I am accountable for my emotions and my actions around me. I made cart3l so I can help my family and friends. Sometimes I turn into anger. Anger that I should not be focussing on. This are our platforms mine and Calvins. Its hard when you are just staring a business with your partner. We are also a new couple. We take our life seriously. We wait and react to situations. Sometimes its better to just let the situation be and wait for the the bigger pictures. We are patiently waiting for our time to make a bold move! its coming soon just keep watching us. Keep guiding us in our journey. We are going to make it to our next destination is up to you know what your going to do to help us out! we are not asking for Pity from no one! Know your lane in my life and don’t push my buttons. I am a coach a writer and a publicist! I have a team of individuals helping me to my success. Email me at richardjohntalay@gmail.com



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  1. fashionablefitgirl says:

    Congrats and good luck !👍🍀


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