Staying at home

Cart3l today

cropped-richardexclamationpoint1.pngI was never a home person! until now that I have a full-time job as a coach, and a full-time blogger. I know I know I can be a tad dramatic and extra in the morning. Lets keep it light today like a Mc chicken.


The search is on for the next Tita online! ok if you’re not filipino or don’t know anyone filipino. We call anyone that we meet older than us that is a woman TITA!


I have a lot of Tita’s my best Tita yet is in Hong Kong doing all the work for my imports.

I would like to dedicate this for my number 1 supporter all the way from Hong Kong the Original Tita!

I call her auntie Elun


 But we have been calling her in the house Tita.  She talks to me and Calvin Everyday she guides us. We put the work and time in the life that we created! You need good people behind you and I have a team, A coach and a partner! Yaaaaaasssss but I need more help message us on our social media we don’t bite!


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