Bilingual day 

Today is a bit crazy I would like to speak in two languages. It’s called taglish. Ang dami nanaman nagmamagdan day! Sali sila dati Ngayon Ayan! Check yourself first please! I’m OK I don’t want problems lol I am here to work 

I don’t want fights in my team! I want peace and love napipikon ka kasi agad! Ayan! Anyways I just want to say thank you to Calvin for giving me the entire morning to myself. This is a must I am a mother of a house I need to take care of myself in order for me to fight for my people. I won’t change my mind I like my team I am sticking by them. I made too much mistakes already now is the time to fight back. 

Is my to do list for the day 

  1. Have fun
  2. Play around 
  3. Dream 
  4. Sleep 
  5. Write 
  6. Edit 
  7. Post
  8. Sleep


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