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I am currently obsessed with someone’s Instagram account. When I use to be part of the 3rd world. My sister had a friend. Im going to speak in two different languages. English and tagalog we call them Taglish. Itago nalang natin sya sa pangalang. Majo best friend Po sya ng ate ko sa pinas! kaloka kung ano ano ang mga inuungkat ko sa facebook and instagram mag ka article lang ako!16797225_1380157105356959_5187882499839389204_o.jpg

Ayan na si mam!…….Her Instagram account is so honest online its unbelievable. I have never seen anyone sooo pure and clean. Joke peace walang maasar! I love you! Nakakatawa naman kasi talaga yung mga sinasabe mo teh! para kang loka loka! Just like me When I started all of this. I went a little nuts. I am in the best shape of my life now. I can finally honestly say I am ready to take our company public. 16997189_10211966743787018_844975760_n

I wrote a piece when I first did this and I asked for the new gods and the old for help so I can do all of this. Today Facebook answered my prayers and made me an editor chuva online. Do you know how much power that is a writer? I can do everything and anything with this gift. But I must only use it for good and not for evil. I can also honestly say that Today I did my best work as a writer. You can see it allover my views today. Today I did great I did everything I needed to do so I can get to tomorrows plans! there is more show from me and Calvin. We are a production Company We can produce everything and anything that We want to create. Cart3lfromlove.com is a platform for every single individual out there who needs a place to cry,laugh,or jump for joy. I have it all a partner and a job that I am doing. This me not boasting to the world for what I created but We did good me and Calvin.


But I have explained myself over and over again. I can say now that everyone is reading my articles can say these two kids are about to do something great! Yes We are so We need your help. Keep reading us and keep supporting us and all we both ask is that you give us your time. Thank you to everyone who’s helping us do this. Our articles are all coming out tomorrow from my whole team.


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