Update and life status


Good morning to my small little cute team. I wake up and nothing gets done I get so frustrated with myself because I have what It takes but its just me and Calvin who’s running everything.

  • I write for the magazine
  • I run the online business
  • I run the house
  • I am also a coach online

Calvin goes to school and drives as an uber driver. Today is Saturday and today is one of those days shit needs to get done.  I work hard and do everything in order for my brain to not break. lol yes this article is to show you guys what people do in order for me and Calvin to get to our dreams.  Yes I know I am dramatic and I do tend to have my own personas where I write and demand whatever I want.


I am no way near being Anna Wintour Yet!  But I will be somebody one day.  I have learned so much over the past 4 weeks of putting myself online and being part of the Social media game.  I have learned that releasing things that I Shouldn’t be releasing. But this is what I do  I play around the internet. Apologies to the big mothers who love me and Calvin. Also to the people that are helping us with richardexclamationpoint.com and our very own CART3L. This is Richard John T Talay Rose Cart3l Mother of the house of Cart3L


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