Last night



Last night was intense. We did everything for the office. Me and Calvin decided to just watch a movie and hide from the world. Has anyone else seen in time? Duh its really old so you guys probably all watched it anyways. A movie by Justin Timberlake. I am not a patient person. I am slowly learning where patients lives. The movie was teaching about time. I have the time in the world to do what ever I have. If this world is run trough time you guys will all help me and do this magazine with me. This is not how life works.


You must show up and do whatever it takes to get the job done. I was born and raised from the 3rd world where Fame is the status. I want to be clear about something. Me, Calvin and my best friend Jomika CART3L started all of this with a clear vision. Gay love our magazine is from love. When things don’t go my way I forget that I am from love. I am very mean. Calvin is not mean he comes from a world of Love.  I need to plan and anticipate and react after I see what the person will do. I have Calvin and my best friend Jomika CART3l. I am satisfied with that.  I am a coach now I need to give positive vibes online unless thats what you really want. A mean coach lol. My name is Richard John T Talay Rose Cart3l mother of the house of CART3l Signing off.


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