I can’t sleep I shut my whole world out. Calvin is sleeping thank you boo boo for everything that you do for me. I have so many people to say thank you too. Things are working out so well and it’s really overwhelming. Slow it done team mom and dad needs time to shut our eyes and think properly. I also want to repeat my self by saying this is a personality. To the people I work with in my team. Take a chill pill I am chill my brain just works faster than most people. Anyways there was an idea why I started writing. It’s to give thanks to my people. Team China check. Team Toronto check 3 is better than none. Fly girls check. Donna you must fly and dream of this world. To my Tai princess show the world how to talk like you. To my Japanese Miyako gurrrrllll have fun in Korea I’m planing everything before I make my moves I’ll call you. To my coach I got this gurl. Last but never the least boo I’m listening to you now. I will slow it down I can’t wait to talk to you in the morning.


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