Yesterday was the day that our bodies finally gave in. we haven’t stopped since Montreal. We push trough, now we have the beautiful Islands of Vancouver that we have our eyes on. Yesterday was a victory for me and Calvin. We got a lot done we planed everything on our own and then made our move.


He is a planner and I go by heart I wait for what my spirits tell me to do. Yes we are a perfect team. When we put our powers together we are unstoppable. Cart3l started as a company. We have several now me and calvin. Our plans and the way we execute them is our own little fun.


yesterday was planning the ideas and what articles needs to go to the magazine. There are a lot of people that are involved here now. Scary I know I have to make sure that the magazine is viewer friendly.  Anyways I still have to make some food and listen to some good tunes and get a good workout. My coach Corrine I can’t wait to see you and plan out everything.

wp-image-1777096349jpg.jpgMy name is Richard John T Talay, Aka Richard John Chox T Talay Rose Cartel ,Aka Richard Extravaganza, Aka Richard Exclamation point.

P.S. Have fun at work. Because we are.


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