Today was a crazy day. I had so much planned out for the day that it ended up being to much for me. Its ok its only 7:32 the night is not over yet. I still have to price another set of jewelry that I am selling. We are both really excited to meet up with our Vancouver team. Cart3l started from the love that we had from each other.


Now that I have more business coming in I need my friends and family to help me with that. I started my life from Vancouver now I’m bringing back cart3l. We have to squeeze so much into this trip. First I’m meeting our very own coach here at CART3l. I have everyone that wants to help me and Calvin do this in Vancouver. I also Vintage cart3l that I’m working on today with Calvin

Enter a caption

We just made dinner and can I just say I can’t wait to  tell you guys what he did. This is our Magazine and our full-time job. We have to try and have fun with it. We are going to every city to find our next writers, our next contributors and our next Child. Thank you so much for reading our small little online magazine for now.





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