How I find inspiration 

I go for walks and take my camera with me and keep looking for more ideas. Calvin tends to like to stay home. I’m really not a home Body. I like to write on the go. I also like doing this the old way. I tend to bring my notebook with me and snap at everything. It’s harder to do the things when your at home. When you get a chance you should try it bring your earphones and listen to some sick tunes. Music is a huge part here at cart3l. I love the idea of music when you write for example I’m listening to beyonce right now. I won’t be able to explain my self if I can’t get music in my head. Here are some of the pictures I took today 

Life should be to you’re own beat of the drums. Life should be easy don’t try to hard. Find time to play and breadth and look at pictures. Curate you own job my that you like look at me. I am a living proof that you can do it. I have a Partner and we live  together  and we play with the internet in our small little online magazine read us now we are ready to go.


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