Team Toronto Cart3L

Team Toronto Cart3L is solid. We need more and more members. We are a growing business. Its hard to know whats going on about us. So here are the list of upcoming events and articles for you guys.

Calvin Rose and his Toronto Story. Cooking with Calvin Rose and Salt
Richard John Chox T Talay Rose Cart3L and My evolving Style 


Patty and her cunning words from the struggles of a trans beauty 

Yes this is a company built from gay love. We are all warriors here. We have our own battles that we fight as a team and on our own. Our strengths are from our parents our friends and our fellow community.

Just Donna. She travels the world to find one thing and one thing only Joy.

Cart3L Fashions are coming soon. Me being a Fashion Graduate from Design. Our small online magazine is going to merge in our Fashion Design House. We have been working really hard on our designs.  Now that Team CART3L TORONTO is sold. We have our high hopes in our team Montreal Cart3L coming soon.


Sincerely yours

Richard John T Talay

Aka Richard John Chox Talay Rose Cart3L Mother of the house of Cart3L

Aka Richard Extravaganza

Aka Richardexclamationpoint Diva of the stars.


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