Let’s goooo

OK so today I have a lot of things to do. It gets frustrating when your really on the Grove. I don’t like staying at home I like getting things done. I like being on the go. This life is hard most people that are in the industry that stick around have to make everything work. It’s fierce too fierce for some people and they Crack.  I was almost close to cracking my bones today so I went for a nice walk. I took my earphones with me and I’m using my phone. I shut off social since this morning and It feels great.  Everything is working I just need to stop and smell the roses every now and then. Calvin and I are hard workers we push for everything. I slam on doors in order for this small magazine to work out. We see both dedicated but we are both kids like I keep saying. We need to be able to live our life that’s why we choose this job for the both of us. We do love this life. It just gets lonely in the top. We have each other but some of our friends are not soo in love with the idea of our lifestyle. This article is for Calvin I love you boo. Don’t worry we will find our own clan. Where we both belong. We are the leaders of this magazine and no one can take that from us 


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