Finding The Time


As I find the time to sit down and write everything people are going on live on social media. I want to participate in the game so bad. Not for the same reasons as what everyone is doing. It’s hard the life that we are doing me and Calvin. We work together and we live together. My birthday is coming up tomorrow. This is going to be one of the scariest things that I have to face the facts that I am aging. I told myself that I am going to concentrate on what I am doing. But I am already doing what I love I have nothing to loose. I have our small little online magazine and we have soon our Vintage store. I have my coaching gig starting up. It gets really lonely in the top. It’s ok as long as its just me and Calvin. Calvin and I are two different Kinds of person but we are cut from the same cloth. We both have communication problems but we push on and today is the day of pushing on I have deadlines. Putting deadlines is the only way people to grow. I want my business and my empire to run successfully within 3 weeks. Yes, I know too much but come on man There’s two of us. our friends and family are both backing us up into this. It’s going to take a lot of hard work. My team Can do it. I can do it so can you? For now, I need you to do a lot of things for. wp-image-1822396054jpg.jpgLook into the horizon and see how beautiful that is. Now dream big everything is happening and you have two days to do this. That’s what we are here at Cart3L we are going getters. Push on no matter what. If you stop you will never get to your dreams. I’m already a living proof that dreams can happen. I made my own platform when no one else wanted to give me. I never stopped I kept going this is what you need to be doing in your life now. Live for the special moments.
Sincerely yours
Richard John T Talay
Aka Richard John Chox Talay Rose Cart3L Mother of the house of Cart3L
Aka Richard Extravaganza
Aka Richardexclamationpoint Diva of the stars.


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