Our needs. 

Before I start writing again and turn this into a Korean drama show. I would like to say the ff. The qualifications are to be come cart3l is follow be original.  I’m no one I have my own voice. I’m not trying to be anyone else. I’m just having fun. Now back to needs. We are both very young people. I keep saying that to you guys it’s because I put so much pressure on my self to do the right thing. Sometimes we take are shortcut that puts us on top and you forget what you need. I keep putting other people’s needs and than our needs. Calvin and I need that house like I said on my last cart3l post. This time I will explain what we need. We need a place that is far from the city. Toronto is too congested. We need at least a two bedroom house. We have a lot of stuff. As the mother of the house of CART3L It’s a fashion house. It’s a magazine. It’s a company. It’s a jewelry line it’s all of these bussiness. There all gonna come to life in 6 months. My plans are all working and with in 3 weeks I’ll be showing you something big. But we need a place first so I’m just going to take a quick break and find an apartment. Let’s gooooooooo boys and girls.  I know your listening put your brains together and come up with an idea 


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