Another Day Another Battle.

Today was the day that we got most things done. Its been a hard journey since we got back from Montreal. So many things on the go. I will be explaining it all today on this blog post.

  • I am a coach
  • Me and Calvin own and run Cart3l.
  • is the magazine.
  • Cart3l is also a Brand that we are both working on.
  • Cart3l is a juice brand.
  • is my newest baby. This blog will be my coaching blog.
  • Im also in the process of creating Plateau which I am creating with my girls

Yes I know what a list huh! But lets take it day by day. We are a running business me and Calvin. I have hand selected my leaders. Each and every single one of them have a task for me. Its daunting? no its not I have my Partners behind me and I also my team. We needed time to take a break and find more content for you guys. We also needed to find a place for me and Calvin to stay at in Toronto and also in Montreal. Our plan is in motion. I want everyone to say a little prayer for me as I put on my outfit for the night.


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