I need an editor


First come first weeeeerrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkkk. I can’t be the editor of this magazine. Im running an empire. The first person who wants to edit the magazine gets the jobs. My email is richardjohntalay@gmail.com you will start tonight. So you better make sure you want the job or else you won’t survive the cart3l world. We are too hard working to waste our dreams mine and Calvin’s. The editor job is a full-time job you must answer my call at anytime. This is no joke! I can’t handle the drama of being an editor I want someone else to do it for me. I have many jobs, I am the mother of the house of CART3L. I am the partner of my Calvy. I am everything I can’t do it all so I’m giving the reins to someone who I can trust and only trust. I need answer by the end of the night. Thanks I love you if your really down for this and I know you are because your still reading this. Your my girl/boy I already have my first borns working hard for me. Check my walls check my Instagram thats my team and there all working.  P.S. Im nice get to know me. lol wp-image-567820013jpg.jpg


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