Good Morning Calvin


As I tuck him in bed. What A life this is. our dreams are finally happening now. It started from a dream and it’s going to end as a dream. I’m writing this letter the little one is sleeping. It’s 1:26 am. He doesn’t even know what I’ve done yet. I was going to tell hem my plans tomorrow morning. Calvin loves to sleep just like me. But Just like My other posts. I am a Snorlax I get annoyed with everyone. Even the people I love. I’m going to pray to the lord that everything will be ok. But I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I’m here to fix them. For example. I’m going to start speaking Filipino so I won’t hurt anyone I love. May mga tao na nagmamaganda. I don’t pick side Just Donna is an idea that I’ve had for the longest time. I sat in your house with your family with your sister now your telling people lies. I am ok! get that. Block me now I’m ok with that but ate ang Tanda mo na. May asawa na kayo. Kami ni Donna Wala. We are not hurting anyone. My kids are all young. I have my family involved to this. I have Calvin’s family involved to this. Say what you want to say but ciao I ain’t sorry. We are both very intellectual people. If you don’t understand the fact that people can have different personalities and show the world what they can do. Sorry ate wag na block mo na aka Hindi kayo uunahin ko. Don’t push me, please. Thank you, this is the last time I’m going to be personal on this blog. I don’t do well with drama. lol even though I’m dramatic as fuck. I love you mom and I love you dad and I love you Calvy.


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